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Job consultancy became a monkey business nowadays, how can we judge or identify whether a consultancy is a fraud or is genuine when they are offering good jobs? this article is all about how to find genuine and reliable job consultancies. In addition, the article helps you to focus on some points while applying for any placement consultancy. You will know how to find a legitimate consultancy. In addition, what should you look into an authentic consultancy? What should be your criteria? How fake agencies lure and try to deceive you? Lastly, and most importantly, the experiences of people who have faced these kinds of fake consultancies. So, let’s start!

How to find a Reliable Consultancy?

This is really a challenging task for anyone to verify the credentials of a job providing the agency or a job consultancy. One should not get stumped with an outlay of their site on the internet. Many of the job sites which are not having an office of their own and operate from the home itself, do copy-paste the activities of jobs available from other sites. Given the unemployment situation in the country, advertised jobs get filled in no time. Therefore before applying one must make sure that the job is thereby visiting the company profiles. Moreover never commit any money to the consultancy before getting any job.

Some of the following factors may help in narrowing down the findings –

1. The job seeker should introspect his own profile and be honest with it. In case the offer appears too good, then there is a ground for suspicion.
2. In case the consultant is repeatedly forcing for payments.
3. In case the credentials of the consultant are not known.
4. Direction verification from the prospective employer may be insisted, if possible.

Here are some of the hints for the consultancy being fraud

1. They promise you for the job by adding some money to their job offer.
2. They say 100% job guarantee or placement.
3. They tell you that we have a backdoor option for recruitment.
4. They tell you that they have placed many members before and they are known for the better results.
5. They refuse to do anything without getting money from you.

These are some of the signs of how people are cheating using job consultancy. That is why many people find it harder these days to even consider job consultancy for job offers. Most of the people are losing money on the side while spending it on it. Mostly, consultancies that say they get the communion from the company itself are genuine. Avoid joining any such consultancies who promise big things and give you no return or result.

How to check the authenticity of a Consultancy?

All consultancies are not fake. A genuine and hardworking job consultancies are very good at providing guidance and all the support you need. Now, you need go to google search for registration of these consultants, nature of business, go to reviews, take opinions of people who have dealt with these consultancies, and do some research. It takes some time for background check but worth it.

1. Previous clients/staff information-

After the normal online research of the firm, contact them. Search for any independent reviews or critiques of the target consulting firm’s work. Go to the target consulting firm’s website too. If they list clients on their website, contact the clients and ask for a reference as to what they did and the client’s satisfaction level. Get specifics if possible.

if clients are not available online, contact the target consulting organization, speak with a senior member if the staff… partner or Vice President… and ask for at least 3 or 4 references. ask for a reference as to what they did and the client’s satisfaction level. Get specifics if possible.

2. Social networks-

Another means to judge the caliber of the consulting firm is to investigate the credentials of their senior staff members. What does their website say about them? What does Facebook say about them? What does say about them, including any 3rf party reference sited?

People Experiences-

Kushal Sharma

So, any company never asks you to pay first money before an interview or after selected before joining the company pay first. It’s just recruitment consultancy priority, who asks for money to candidates and that’s called fake consultancy. The true company never ever ask for money first to the Candidates. There are so many fake consultancies and how they fool any candidates (Both Fresher and Experiences). Such a fake consultancy is Regal Enterprises, Ace Group, Eagle Infotech, Talents Hunter, and Thyrocare. This consultancy asks money around 500 to 5K. So never ever goes this consultancy

Daman Deep, former Recruiter

I am in a placement consultant for Few years, so listen to me carefully.

  1. If any placement consultant is asking you any advance fee it may be in any form like Registration fee, verification fee or any thing, around 50% will be fraud until and unless they have fee like 100 or 200, I cant say that these agencies will be fraud, But many placement consultant take charges like 1000 or 2000 or i have also seen that they have even charged 10000 from people, and they give guarantee to give jobs but they are definitely fraud. dont believe them.
  2. Many take charges in form of for example they will say that you have to give training charge. so please be care full

if any consultant company do not have any charges they charge directly from the company the company then they are GooD.

Many consultant company provide jobs they will provide you after one month, when you get the salary, then they can charge you can trust.

Mark Schneider, Business Consultant

  1. Check if they have liability insurance. This is especially important for financial advice and any other advisory capacity of the consultant. Consultancy work within the line of your organization is different since you have control.
  2. Ask for a CV and do a crosscheck. Especially regarding claimed degrees. A CV can be included with the consultancies quote.
  3. Ask for references from previous clients.

Any project begins with a pre-study to pinpoint the problem of your company and define the deliverables for a solution (basis for a quote). You will hear soon enough if somebody is making things up.

In the end, you are hiring an experienced professional to solve a problem that your company has. The only tangible aspects are experience, previous work and results. When dealing with uncertainty, this is something that you control together with the consultant for each stage gate of the project. Cost control and results should also be very important for the consultant.

Vinodhsen Ethirajulu, Has practical experience in biz gen online. Fulltime Java web developer

  • Any kind of money(upfront) for a job is a scam. only an employer should pay an employee for services rendered . not the other way round.
  • read online reviews. search google, Facebook, twitter. particularly use the mobile number(listed on the website) in google . also see the domain whois records on ownership of the domain . search the mobile number you find in whois records apart from what’s listed on the website .
  • also get the owner name, company name as in whois records, and search in google like owner name, company name + police complaint. if its a scam consultancy then the website will have vague terms that mesmerize you to give them money for “job” and has terms like “guaranteed job”
  • if there is domain privacy in whois records then one needs to be cautious.
  • also, you did not disclose your perception of “fake”. nobody can guarantee job

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