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Shubham Saini Youtuber Bio, Beast Boy Shub Wiki, Beast Boy Shub Bio, Beast Boy Shub Real Name, Beast Boy Shub Height, Beast Boy Shub Age,Beast Boy Shub Family, Beast Boy Shub Instagram, Beast Boy Shub Facebook, Beast Boy Shub Horror Games, Beast Boy Shub New Episodes, Beast Boy Shub Playing Minecraft, Beast Boy Shubham, Shubham Saini Phone Number, All details Below.

Shubham Saini Youtuber Bio

Shubham Saini Youtuber Biography

Personal information
Shubham Saini Birth Date
Birth Place
April 30, 1997
Delhi, India
EducationB. Tech, Science
YouTube information
Also known asBeastBoyShub
Years active2015–present
Subscribers3 Million
Total views756 Million
Play buttons YouTube Silver Play Button 2.svg100,000 subscribers2018YouTube Gold Play Button 2.svg1,000,000 subscribers2019

Shubham Saini Youtuber Bio, Beast Boy Shub Wiki, Real Name

Popularly known as BeastBoyShub, is a popular Indian YouTube gamer who uploads gaming highlights of popular games in many platforms including PC, Android and Play Station 4. He is the owner of the channel “BeastBoyShub” which has over 3.15 million subscribers as of the 1st of April, 2020.

He is the fourth most subscribed gaming YouTuber in India, the first three being CarryMinati, Dynamo Gaming, and lastly MortaL. He plays games of multiple genres. He makes the commentary for his videos in Hindi, the national language of India, and his mother-tongue.

He currently owns another channel titled “RealShub” where he uploads blogs and games in English. He also has a third channel named “Shubhooo” where he uploads Hindi vlogs.

Beast Boy Shub Wiki

Beast Boy Shub YouTube Career

BeastBoyShub was born in the month of April in the year 1997 which makes his age 23 years as of 2020. He was born and raised in a small village in New Delhi, India.

He was the type of kid, who never participates in any extra-curricular activities during his school days and this has become on of his biggest regrets in life. He got his first mobile phone during his 11th and he had internet access after finishing the 12th class.

He found about YouTube and how things work and eventually started his own YouTube channel. In the beginning, it was really hard for him to make videos as he had to manage both college and videos. He tried his best to upload as many videos as possible.

He said that, out of all the things he had done, he had enjoyed the most in making YouTube videos.

At that time, he was studying B.Tech and he had no interest in studying. So, eventually, he ended up quitting his college and thought of doing YouTube as a full-time job. He somehow convinced his parents about quitting college and gave YouTube a try.

At the time, he didn’t even have a lot of subscribers on his YouTube channel. He worked as a tuition teacher so he could make some money for himself. He continued uploading videos and as a result, now has a decently large audience.

Shubham became a YouTuber, not because he wanted to stand out from the community but because he loved his job. In his first few videos, Shubham used a lot of profane languages but he realized that was not required for gaining views.

He was not confident while creating commentary in his first few videos but later got better at it.

Beast Boy Shub Yotube Career- Beast Boy Shub Horror Games, Beast Boy Shub New Episodes, Beast Boy Shub Playing Minecraft

He started his channel on Nov 27, 2015, and later uploaded a few videos but kept them private. His first video which he made available to the public was uploaded on 24 September 2016. One of his first uploads was a roast video in which he, until a long time, did not get any views.. He had also thought of quitting but he didn’t. He created a few other videos but instead of getting positive comments, he initially received a lot of hate. But he considered this ‘healthy criticism’ and created more videos, slowly mastering the art of content creation.

He hit 1000 subscribers after 1 and a half year of making videos. As his channel grew, his style of video content became more diverse, uploading vlogs, comedy shorts, and music videos.

He got famous because his videos are funny and his sense of humor is greatly appreciated. Most of his viewers enjoy watching his videos. His most popular uploads were his ‘Granny‘ gameplay videos. He hit 100k subscribers in the month of June 2017 and he hit 1 million subscribers at the beginning of 2019. He recently started a new series called “#ForShub”, in which he reacts to the memes made by his subscribers on Twitter.

Presently, he is the 4th most subscribed YouTube gamer in India after Dynamo Gaming, CarryMinati (CarryIsLive), and MortaL. His channel gains around 1.3 million views with 4500 subscribers every day.

Beast Boy Shubham Family

BeastBoyShub never shared much information about his family. Their names are not known but his father is a middle-class businessman and his mother is a housewife. Unlike many YouTubers, his parents didn’t support his YouTube channel since day one.

This actually makes many people feel down but Shubham had faith in himself and worked hard. When Shubham’s parents saw his point of aptitude and how hard he was working, they had to give in.

He had said many times in his videos that his relationship status is ‘Single’ and he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

When asked his crush in QnA videos, he usually either diverts the attention by making jokes about his crush being his next subscriber milestone or remaining silent thus expressing his displeasure about answering the question.

Beast Boy Shub Net Worth

BeastBoyShub makes a decent earning. His main sources of income are YouTube ads and affiliate links. His affiliate earning is hard to estimate but he earns a pretty good amount from YouTube.

Lesser-Known Facts about Shubham Saini Youtuber aka Beast Boy Shub

  • All the factors and hard work that are required to make a decent video are done by him including recording, video editing, thumbnail creation and uploading.
  • He is an animal lover and he loves dogs, cats and parrots the most.
  • His favorite YouTuber is PewDiePie and has been entirely inspired by him.
  • His favorite game is Resident Evil 4.
  • He loves watching anime movies and series.
  • He even made a diss track on YouTubers who were making diss tracks. Diss-Tracks were a trend among YouTubers in 2017, so Shub gave them a try!
  • In his free time, he either watch movies or listens to songs.
  • Shubham gets really irritated when somebody writes ‘Shubham’ without the initial ‘H’ and also when somebody adds an unnecessary ‘H’ in ‘BeastBoyShub’. This apparently made it hard for people to find his channel.
  • After he opened his third channel “Shubhooo” and he tweeted it, his Twitter followers asked him if he was “selling” Silver Play Buttons”, since he already has two channels above 100K subscribers.

Beast Boy Shub Youtube Achievements

  • Shub was invited to the YouTube gaming summit in California.
  • He was also invited to Chennai as a delegate and speaker for the Indian YouTube Gaming Creators Summit.

Beast Boy Shub Games Play Style

Fans have divided BeastBoyShub’s play style into two split personalities. The first is when he plays normally and the second is when he goes Beserk, which he refers to as the Beast mode.

When playing games like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice or The Last of Us, in his normal style, he prefers stealth to outright attacking his enemies. This usually proves more effective than direct attacking. However, when he is unable to achieve victory with stealth after trying many times, he goes to Beast Mode and proves that brawn can sometimes achieve what brains can’t.

Beast Boy Shub Dialogues

  • “Hey Fellas, BeastBoy here!” – Intro
  • “Kati Bhasad Machadi!” / “Beyizzati!” – When he defeats someone in a game.
  • “Mujhse Pange Lega/Legi?” – Always while fighting with someone.
  • ” Kati Tabahi!” – When someone messes it up.

Shubham Saini Phone Number, Instagram, Facebook, Contact Details

Shubham Saini Phone NumberN/A
Shubham Saini InstagramBeastBoyShub
Shubham Saini FacebookBeast Boy Shub

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